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2018 - 2019


ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The series of “lines” explores the composition of organic and artificial lines in the square frame, invokes the circumstances we have to face. The fact in the square frame exists only at that time. lines consists of many kinds of lines that is well balanced together, geometric questioning, saturate lines by a combination of multiple lines or making one form together with.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Akihiro Boujoh (born 1990 in Nagasaki, Japan) is a Japanese visual artist. He has lived and worked in Utrecht, the Netherlands since 2016. His three/two-dimensional work encompasses sculpture, installation, and photography to explore the emerging chasm between nature, environment, and man-kind in everyday life. We seem to ignore - or perhaps we do not recognize - that nature, environment and man-kind are intricately intertwined in the same moment. The aim of his work is to question how we perceive nature in and through man-made structures and vice versa.