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ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The house we build and the house that builds us. The everydayness, the struggle, the self, the other. the encounter and the absence. The joy and the pain. the on-going process of being and becoming fostered in the surroundings of the house. 'This was the dream: I was in a house I did not know. I discovered a stone staircase that lead down to my cellar'. Carl Jung


ABOUT THE ARTIST: I studied English Literature and worked as a teacher for a few years when I realized that my main interest has always been psychology so I pursued a career as a psychotherapist and work as one ever since. Photography has been a self-expressive means for me, an interplay between healing and art. Inner procedures expressed by outer forms. My self-portraits carry the symbolic and metaphoric messages of my inner workings, they unravel and narrate my story so far.