Polvere (2013 - 2018)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK Polvere series is a wandering through an often inhospitable world, that is swaying above the chaos - pre- or post-apocalyptic, who does still know? There we find a certain tenderness for the ravaged one, a little recklessness in what still stands up, a crumb of hope in the wild and the poetry. I like to observe what seems dead in what is however alive, and what is alive in what looks immobile. In a way it is about seeking out what still vibrates, even though in a strange manner.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Aurore obtained her Master’s degree in Photography at La Cambre (BE, 2005). She showed her work, nourished by cinema, painting and research around the voice, at the Musée de la Photographie de Charleroi (2012), the Circulation(s) festival in Paris and 44 Gallery in Bruges (2014), the Water Tower Art Fest in Sofia (BG, 2013) and in various Belgian cultural centers (Huy, Knokke, Hasselt, Bastogne, Bruges, Ianchelevici Museum, Recyclart, etc.). In 2018, she published her first book, Dead End Dust (Yellow Now) and in 2019 Don’t love me, I’m your toy (DIRTYillness).