Mother Earth (2019)

ABOUT THE ARTIST My Love for Photography comes from an anthropological background that over the years has led me to observe every aspect of the cultural expressions that I happened to observe. The leitmotif of each of my projects always has an identity basis, whether it is collective or individual expressions, through travel or personal experiences, conceptual representations or close portraits. The commitment in my projects is mainly to establish a relationship with a social context, through the technique of participating observation

ABOUT THE ARTWORK "Mother Earth" is a work following an idea that I've been thinking about for some years. Talking to my mother about pollution and considering that she was a tailor all her life, I thought of creating a photographic project with water bottle and household detergents caps that I was collecting for another social project. The result you see in this dress worn by my mother includes 986 caps, 69 drink straws, 19 exhausted batteries, the equivalent of about an annual use of a family of three. Behind this shot there is, in addition to a work of design and craftsmanship, a strong desire to reflect on the lifestyle of the consumer society, a strong introspection and reflection on time and space and the awareness of photography as an incredible means of contemporary communication. Mother Earth is my way of looking at myself in the mirror that belongs to everyone, an individual space where we can think about ourselves as human beings.