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The lake dance (2018)


ABOUT THE ARTWORK: On Inle Lake, Myanmar, fishing and plant cultivation have been practiced in the same way for centuries. The wooden boats and the vertical position of the workers at the first light of day create wonderful reflections and their balanced bodies seem to dance. the humidity and light fog create a very special light and the cultural scene becomes almost a film. Those who have crossed this lake, even if only for a day, will never forget the sensations they felt. In this project I focused on bodies and reflections and I deeply loved every aspect of this experience that I share with great pleasure.


ABOUT THE ARTIST:  My Love for Photography comes from an anthropological background that over the years has led me to observe every aspect of the cultural expressions that I happened to observe. The leitmotif of each of my projects always has an identity basis, whether it is collective or individual expressions, through travel or personal experiences, conceptual representations or close portraits. The commitment in my projects is mainly to establish a relationship with a social context, through the technique of participating observation