adrift (2015-ongoing)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK: Since my photographic beginnings, I have always felt a deep satisfaction when I find a good composition and press the trigger, then take it home and edit it to a final image. This ultimately led to my project titled "adrift" because my search for the right place in life, the drifting, stops for a brief moment when I look at my photographs. In this project, I use my pursuit of this satisfaction as a source of creativity. Adrift depicts not necessarily what is real, but more what I want you to see. Still I leave it to the observer to find out where the right place is, how the mind can be tamed and what lies in the black.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I am Bastian Hertel, born ’77 on an island in northern Germany. I live in Hamburg since ’96. I am married and have two daughters. I am dedicated to street photography since about 2012. My focus lays on the placement of motifs in urban environments. The way I create pictures is a very personal thing for me. It reflects how I search for my place in the city I live in, in my family and in society in general. This led to my project titled „adrift“ in 3 chapters, because I found out that my search for the right place in life, the drifting, stops for a moment when I take and look at my photographs and feel the satisfaction afterwards.