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ABOUT THE ARTWORK: Between camera phones. surveillance cameras, and satellite cameras, it is impossible to not have your likeness captured. Someone is always watching you. These images were taken from far away without the subject's knowledge or consent. They were then cropped down to just the figure's face and enlarged. The prints, being almost 2 meters tall, engulf the viewer. This work represents the fact that being surveyed without your permission is inescapable.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: I was born in Dillsboro, a rural town in southern Indiana. I studied photography at Indiana University and received my BFA, along with a minor in Art History, in 2016. I have shown pieces in galleries in the United States, Thailand and South Korea. My work has been featured in fine art magazines and admitted to the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute. My artwork deals with a wide variety of concepts, inspired by personal experiences and art history. I strive to ask questions and raise awareness of important social and cultural issues. I enjoy combining photography and other mediums. My work also often pushes the boundaries of art and photography, using traditional methods in non-traditional ways.