Pantone Blue Drag (2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK My work stands for a permanent idea: the unconscious and constant search of my generation’s identity through the shapes of individual and social gendered expressions. I interpret this through the photographic portraits as a rhetorical mirror of what I observe. This project aims to explore the aesthetics of the transformation process inherent to the artistic expression of Drag. Narrowing it down to a pantone as a metaphor in which the slightest difference of color makes reference to a unique code, which just like the diversity, is not binary.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Chez Negrete is specialized on portrait. She graduated from visual arts and later focused in cultural projects management. Her experience begins with local artists collaborations and imagery. Since then she has developed her own projects of artistic production related to identity and working with the continuous challenge of fusing aesthetics and concept. Inspired in the work of Helmut Newton, Jan Saudek and Caravaggio, she accomplishes to produce her first series in 2017. She continues her studies of portrait inspired in art, collective and individual identity, gender and diversity.