Into The Vortex (2016 - 2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK It all starts with a thought. Into The Vortex is a series of handmade photomontages that explore a parallel world where the laws of gravity, linear perspective, and the expected relationships between foreground and background do not exist, as we know them. The montages explore a whimsical world where focal planes are shifting and tilting, where characters, at times, are blown out of proportion and dwarf the landscapes around them. Unlike the photomontages of Hannah Höch and John Heartfield, which, appropriated and recombined texts and images drawn from mass media sources to pose cultural critiques or originate political propaganda, Hediger’s photomontages are constructed from original photographs taken by the artist herself. Even though her work does not reference or depict specific political climates, it does explore a different view of the world, one that is irrational, nonsensical and distorted, and one that perhaps thereby launches an alternative perspective.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Cornelia Hediger is a Swiss artist living and working in New York City. She was awarded both her BFA and MFA from Mason Gross School of the arts at Rutgers University, where she trained as a visual and conceptual artist. Awards and honors include being named a PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographer to Watch. Hediger’s work has been exhibited in both solo shows and group exhibitions at Klompching Gallery, NY; Schneider Gallery, Chigago; Galerie Kunstagenten in Berlin, Germany; DEAR Photography in Hamburg, Germnay; Mart Photography Center in Yekaterinburg, Russia; Akron Art Museum, Ohio; Pentimenti Gallery, Philidelphia. Her work has been reviewed and featured in a number of publications world wide.

Hediger’s love for narratives and fairly tales have led her to create images that offer a glimpse into a quasi-fictional world that is full of possibilities. The individual photographs that make up a photomontage are created during her travels in Europe, her birthplace in Switzerland, and her adopted home in the US.