Indian Land for Sale (2018)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK Self-portraiture with motion and the idea of animism provide an indication of the other in my work, a threat to the fixed position. It is a surplus threat to the perpetuity of the modern day superstructure in defining elements like gender, race and ethnicity. Otherness is much more because it is grounded in being and is non-binary in nature. It shows a semiotic dislocation that has been organically reconstructed in a way that forces the viewer to consider a transition from the limitations of constructed cultural ideals.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Donna Garcia is a fine art photographer whose work elaborates on the idea of pulling away from a cultural grand narrative and towards a state of becoming and potential. Her work modulates against a fixed self and reflects a grounding in being. She creates images that аre indexical in nature not iconic - they are uncertain and indeterminate. Her use of abstraction pulls the viewer forward into a new sovereignty, expanded possibility and towards the authenticity of an unbounded self.