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I'm not here, even not there



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: In every corner of the world, everyone has a place that they know there as a home.Since few years ago, I left my hometown to continue my education in other cities. Now after these years, when I come back to my hometown or other cities that I was there, I don’t have any sense of intimacy to their places as a home, and I find any corners of those houses strange. Homes can be in everywhere, throughout when you open the door, find there as a home, an incredible sense that name is home sense.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Farzin Foroutan (born in1992) is an Iranian-based artist who has primarily worked in the medium of photography. He received his M.A. in Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design from EMU University of Cyprus and M.A. student in Communication Design at HMKW University of Berlin. He has participated in various exhibitions around the world such as USA, United kingdom, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy and, Hungary.