Animal Love (2017-2018)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK Street photography is traditionally seen as a people’s game. In addition to everyday human activities being at the center of attention; one of the stronger appeals of the genre is the excitement of taking pictures of unsuspecting or possibly unwilling subjects for the photographer and the semi-perverse peeping by the viewer. But we cannot ignore our animal companions enmeshed with the city fabric. Happily fed pets, struggling strays or even butchered carcasses demand their deserved place in the mundane urban scenery. At least feral cats don’t try to punch street photographers in the face.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Gergely Takács is a university professor and engineer by day and… well… the same at night. However, he compensates his nerdy edge by a passion for the street photography genre. In his short photography career, he has been threatened to be beaten by unwilling models on the streets of Paris, given the evil eye in Hanoi, taken unwise trips to the shady sois of Bangkok and having a mild caffeine overdose in Tokio. His other hobbies include hiding the real price of photography gear from his wife.