Dancing Vortex (2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK These images, like cosmic mandalas, are invitations to a metaphysical reflection on our inability to govern all facets of our lives, as the forces of nature that surround and govern us are beyond our control, and surpass us to such a degree. Our short time on earth is full of experiences, encounters, emotions and trials. These Dancing Vortex images are like beacons reminding us that during our journey, nothing is fixed or definitive. Although we think or live in the present moment, this moment is already over by the time when we become aware of it, giving way to a new piece of life just as fleeting, transitory and uncontrollable. Some think that they are able to anticipate, control, and capitalize on their existence to the last breath, but they are deluded, and deprive themselves of the exhilarating sense of vertigo that is provided by the perpetual adaptation to the unpredictable and ceaseless movements of life. By 'choreographing' my Dancing Vortex, I offer a contemplative dive into the unknown and the impermanent, an encounter with universal forces, whose outcome will be perhaps a surprising inner voyage of discovery, punctuated by some distant echoes of a now forgotten original Big Bang.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Awarded of several international music competitions, including the Grand Prix International Gabriel Dussurget, he joined the Opera National De Paris, while doing photography activities. In 2017, he was chosen by Jean Stephane Bron to be one of the main protagonists of his documentary film 'The Opera'. It was during a tour of Japan by the Paris Opera that Guillaume Louis Petitot-Bellavene experienced his “revelation”, when he was struck by the design and the symbolism of the Hinomaru (the Japanese national flag) as well as the spirituality of the Enso. Back in France, he began, through photography, artistic research to translate into images the emotions that he had experienced during his stay in Japan, and the period of introspection that followed. It soon became clear to him that this work would find its most accurate expression in abstraction rather than in the figurative. In 2019 he is nominated to the Fine Art Photography Awards.