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Here In My Dreams: A Challenge On Perspective



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: It consists of minimal and abstract images of the interior of my bedroom at home, creating an aesthetic and mood which reflects what I was going through at the time. I was having a lot of hyper realistic dreams and nightmares, lucid dreams and sleep paralysis which made it feel as if by night. I slipped into a limbo void of bliss or terror. This project was away for me to bring that world into the real world and give people an insight into that world. It also challenges the perspective that people look at things with, it makes the mundane corners and walls in my room into something new and aesthetically pleasing, removing any sense of space in the photographs.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: I grew up in England and moved to New Zealand when I was nine years old. My passion for photography was sparked in my art class in high school. I was being exposed to street photography greats and moving on to draw a lot of inspiration from more abstract and experimental photography. Ever since I finished high school I have been travelling, challenging myself and studying photography at Massey University in Wellington.