Folsom Berlin (2019-ongoing)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK The work in progress has sprung out from my personal interest and involvement in the kink-fetish lifestyle. The photography depicts the kinds of personalities we may find in the everyday within the context of kink. Contrasting the common appearance found in society with those of the subculture in order to demonstrate the similarities we share.

ABOUT THE ARTIST J.M.Valdivia was born in Miami, FL from a middle class Cuban-Colombian family. Affected by his fathers passing he immersed himself in the imaginative worlds of painting, sculpture, and ultimately photography. Coming to the realization that he got a thrill from the exchange of intimate moments between his subjects and himself. Valdivia began to travel the states, his ethnic origins of Cuba, Colombia and eventually Europe noting that the innate humanity within us is unchanged by location, or character and unavoidably, made up of strength borne from suffering.