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Laws of Silence



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: I’ve been afraid of letting go of the life I was programmed to live. I was taught that having a family, a home, a church and a regular job meant success. My own family life was difficult and displaced, not something I cared to reproduce. I am distrustful of people and the American Dream, but I failed to replace a broken mythology with another.

I began searching for signs of meaningful relationships and missed opportunities, trying to piece together a map of how to be. I needed to look at the past, see it clearly, and then see beyond it. Symbols of a damaged childhood, when contained within a frame, no longer carry the unbounded force of memory. Signs of connection, when taken out of context, reveal themselves to be fallacies. I have been afraid that I will drown in other people. I couldn’t see how water can soothe and sustain as well as destroy. These pictures come from that emotional space of longing, of wishing for things that never were and might never be.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jennifer McClure is a fine art photographer based in New York City. She uses the camera to ask and answer questions. Her work is about solitude and a poignant, ambivalent yearning for connection. Jennifer’s work has been exhibited in shows across the country, and her first book with Peanut Press will be out in the spring of 2020.