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New York, Pride March



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: After my theatrical experiences, my work turned to research on the difficulty of self-representation within the community through visuals and sounds projects, but also and through street photography. By following various manifestations and acts of social struggle, attempting a more independent and personal point of view on the human implication in progress. Observing the intimate experience and palpable vulnerability of participants as individuals through a collective movement. This moment of the Pride March in New York in June 2018 is particular for me, since my digital camera was broken. So I used an old analog film camera 35mm, which contained only a film of 36 images for 6 hours of march.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Joëlle Wider is a Swiss polymorphic artist living and working in Lausanne. After studies and practices of the artistic stage, she explores street photography and also conceptualizes visual and sound projects, looking for various narrative processes through the photographic series and music composition. Her work is characterized by use of black and white and colorimetric filters, exploring an ambulatory and introspective narrative by weaving poetic links with its subjects. She as well collaborates with other artists and multidisciplinary forms.