Very Maria

(2018 - ongoing)


ABOUT THE ARTWORK:  "There are certainly a great many bizarre rituals in the human world (all of which have been born of necessity)!" The Frolic of the Beasts - Yukio Mishima

// The drain in the shower is just another rabbit hole.
// We used to have insects which fed the birds. We used to have flowers which fed the bees.
// The girl sitting at the next table had a wonderfully round face. She was a unicorn sporting a yellow Pokemon sweater.
//The ships come and go, some stay longer while others are passing through quickly, always with a rumble.
// Can you crochet some blue plums for me?
// A beautiful woman is dancing gracefully by herself after eating a plate of cold cuts. Her hands are made of feathers, she’s wearing a strapless blue dress with golden ornamental shapes embroidered into it. She is not once looking down, she seems slightly elevated.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: 1998-2000 freelance Vancouver 2001-2003 Basic Year + VAV Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 2003 photographer/ video artist Marbella 2004-2006 VAV Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 2006-2008 freelance Prague, Halle/ Saale, Toronto 2008 until now working as freelance artist and sailor /// some exposure. 2009 "Er was eens een zwarte kat" - photo/ (audio) installation, Kunstraum Michael Barthel, Leipzig 2009/ 2012 Audio Releases as "Bosckism” collaboration with Slackism, c27 Leipzig 2014 Life Framer Exhibition + Pop Up Show, theprintspace Gallery, London + Juraplatz, Biel 2015 Contemplation Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest 2016 Changes Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens 2017 Die Angst Magazine III 2017 Photography on a Postcard 2018 Pastiche Magazine II 2019 Dancing in Peckham, London 2019 Pastiche Magazine V 2019 Stem Magazine III 2020 Rotterdam Photo