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By the arduous path to the stars 



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The expression “By the arduous paths to the stars” is a common expression in Russia. It evokes the evolution of the country following the fall of communism.
Michel Poivert talks about Eric Baudelaire's work "imagined states" by speaking of these images as forms of utopias, distant regions, conquest and dreams. More than an initiatory and selfish journey or elsewhere would only serve to describe a self-awareness.


Why photograph landscapes in Russia? To make landscapes from quest and wandering. The landscapes try to give a form of desire to a society in search of identity. I chose to photograph spaces, places visited, like a decor builder. This series presents a more intimate than objective point of view, escaping from the documentary. Tarkovsky in Stalker or the Idiot of Dostoievski speaks about spiritualism by the description or the representation of magic places, they speak about Russia. In their own way I mix a photographic culture with a cinematographic field in a poetic reflection.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Juliette Larochette was born at Saint-Etienne,France in 1995. Actually she studies the photography in National superior of Photography School in Arles. She’s graduated at Art School of Clermont-Ferrand who she takes as Jürgen Nefzger and Regine Cirroteau. In 2019 she was invited by the Rodchenko Art School in Moscow (Russia) between January and June 2019. She was able to present her work in various group and personal exhibitions. She has also participated in various photographic commissions.His work speaks of his two practices. Her works speaks about landscape and post-factory environment, who the evolution about this landscape.For Juliette, photography can not get rid of its object, that is to say, a confrontation between the reality of the field and the interpretation and the look at it.