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Who Will Be There?

(2011 - 2014)


ABOUT THE ARTWORK: When you experience anxiety you fear and question everything— who will be there for you, who will love you, who will you become? Will you find a partner who will accept all your flaws? Will you become a good wife? A good mother? Through strangers' casual snapshots I romanticized what it means to be in a relationship and fear the responsibilities that would come along with them.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Hello, my name is Lauren Wilkins— I'm an artist who loves to work with analog photography, mixed-media collage, embroidery, weaving, and ceramics. My favorite camera is the Polaroid SX-70. I have a green thumb between my house plants and garden. Nothing makes me happier than my beautiful rescue dog, Ella— but cooking and hiking come to a close second. My photographic colleges are a permitted part of Columbia College Chicago and the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. My artwork has also been in featured in various publications including LENSCRATCH, Don't Take Pictures and AINT-BAD Magazine. Currently I am living in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I am a graduate student at SWC for Art Therapy and Counseling.