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The last chapter



ABOUT THE ARTWORK:  This documentary is the story of the last chapter of people's lives living in an elderly home. When my grandma had to start living in an elderly home because of her rheumatism, she hadn’t been taking care of very well. They forgot to feed her several times, and when she told the nurses she didn’t want to have any water, they just simply let her have her way. Needless to say: many elderly people become very stubborn, not wanting to be there and not seeing the point of something simple as drinking a glass of water. My grandma had to check into the hospital as a result of severe dehydration – eventually resulting in her spiraling so bad, that she died.


In ‘The last chapter’ I visited an elderly home in the West of The Netherlands for several months. For most people, the last chapter of their lives plays part in an elderly home, in which they usually stay by themselves. Due to budget cuts, the elderly are no longer seen as ‚very important’, as much as they are seen as a burden.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: My name is Lisa Praster. I’m a 27 year old photographer from The Netherlands. I graduated almost 7 years ago in Photographic Design and Photography at the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam, during which I realized my biggest interest: documentary photography. I engaged in different areas of photography (product, fashion, interior) to keep myself busy and gain as much experience as possible, but never lost sight of my goal and passion to work as a documentary photographer. My fashion photos got published in Vogue UK, my contemporary photos turned up in different magazines across the country (amongst which ‘GUP New Talent: Ones To Watch 2015), but my biggest accomplishment came in 2016. After many documentaries as a freelancer, I finally got my recognition as a documentary photographer. My documentary about elderly abuse in Moldova called ‘Neglect’ was shown in the City Theatre of Rotterdam in 2016.