Talks with the earth (2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK Cognizing the stark landscape of Iceland one imbibes the surrounding freshness and chill, but in the same time one is imbibed by it. Unveiling its vitality and beauty, the earth becomes best companion. One can't help feeling small. But it's a small part of something great. The project relates to a solo journey as an inner experience. Black-and-white photographs reflect severity and harmony of the places I had a chance to simply wander about. The photographs are part of an ongoing project that will also include paintings and the video.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Despite graduating in design, I'd call myself a multidisciplinary artist. I believe a fascination with modernist architecture and art influenced my sensitivity and the way I see and perceive reality. You can find its reflection in my artworks. Currently, I work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where I used to study.