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The magic begins in details



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: By enjoying experimenting with photography in the macro area, I found fantastic magical beings in various shapes and details. I dealt with numerous elements in the solid and liquid state. Glass marbles in frozen water create a utopian space fly. Poppy petals turn into a bizarre deep-sea fish. Due to the systematic arrangement of their structures, animal shells form a natural matrix. Is it the infinity of possibilities that drives us to discover new things, to accept them and to live them?


ABOUT THE ARTIST: „Magic entered my life again. Myself, the everlasting child, like Peter Pan.“ Manfredo Weihs, born 1962, worked as freelance photographer in Vienna from 1985 until 2012. How would i describe myself? Well, my parents dipped me into photo emulsion and then developed me. Photography has, and always will have, a very big significance for me.
An important creative phase in my life was my experimental work with the medium
"BW-Polaroid", I created fantastic "light beings". In 2013 I founded our joint Atelier Coolpool with Daisy Gold. We deal with the connection and combination of the art forms of painting and photography. I photograph people in different life situations, I also experimented with close-ups, various elements. Water in motion, ice in the melting state and also flowers and seeds in the water. This resulted in joint projects as well as own ones.

//member of ArtCan, London UK
// member of Biennale Austria, Vienna
// co-founder of Atelier Coolpool, Vienna
// co-founder of Galerie Art Pool Vienna, Vienna