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Female and Male Orgasm



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: Orgasm is a form of art when it derives from the divine union of 2 souls connected by something real; real passion, lustfulness, admiration, eroticism, love, or all of them combined. As if you were part of the alluring chaos which forms galaxies or as if your spirit briefly but contently floated within the beauty of the cosmos. Gabriel García Márquez wrote: “Don’t let yourself die without knowing the wonder of fucking with love” and those 2 pictures are a visual representation of this phrase to me. -They are taken at the exact same place with a little time deviation and while the flowing water was constantly making love with its surroundings.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born and raised in Greece, Maria is currently living in Berlin. She goes after capturing the “unseen”, this that is not, this that requires a second read in order to be truly comprehended. She loves to look for the moment that reveals magic, surrealism or potentially the reality of other dimensions. “Interpretation is ambiguous just as life is” is the phrase she uses, which sums up her work. She started shooting in a more professional manner in 2019, a year where she exhibited 2 of her projects in Athens and Venice, with the Ostkreuzschuhle für Fotografie and during Biennale respectively.