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ABOUT THE ARTWORK: As a kid I frequently had this dream where my father, my uncle and I drowned in a car. We were driving in the woods, an eerie, empty and edgeless universe where nothing was natural and the people closest to me became strangers. An aimless drive, around and around until suddenly my father decided to drive us into a lake. I remember quite specifically the ambiance of the dream, a feel I have grown to like and cherish over the years, despite the discomfort it brought me. It has a distinct feel to it, an emotional blanket coloring the energy of this vast space. Unable to find it again, neither in dreams or in real life I have reconstructed to the best of my abilities the absurd nature of this dream through these six photographs.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Max Øien Barel is a photographer enrolled in the second year of Oslo Fotokunstskole. He draws inspiration from all over the world, and while traveling has been a passion and a source of inspiration, his work is often characterized by his curiosity and excitement to experience and learn about a great variety of topics, therefore sometimes hard to categorize. Some key words in his work are surrealism, abstraction, alienation, disassociation, observational and humanity, often carrying a rough and unpolished aesthetic. He is currently working on a collaborative exhibition with Sunniva Hestenes.