Label Green (2018)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK Label Green, examines old imponderable questions about the relationship between being and time, and abstraction and temporality. It scrutinizes how the definition and terminology of body, color, and photography can function as abstractions and how they reside in some quiet transcendental realm. By obscuring and de-realizing female body in an environment that is non-referential, as well as juxtaposing images of instances of fabricated reality in pure color field (e.g. vibrant red), these photographs create a manufactured myth about aging, color, photography as an abstraction outside of physical time, history, and decay.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Min Kim Park is an interdisciplinary artist, exploring issues surrounding gender, ethnicity and identity using video, photography, sound and video installation. Park’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 2007. Her work has been included at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, Site Santa Fe, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona State University, University of Houston, University of California, Santa Barbara, Emory University, Private Museum in Singapore, Syo gallery in Korea, Daegu Photo Biennale 2014, Korean Cultural Center in Beijing, China. She received a MFA degree in Photography from the University of New Mexico in 2007 and has taught at various institutions including The School of Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University and Purdue University in the US.