Hard Water, 2016 - ongoing

ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The forecast reads -10°F today, but it is much colder on the frozen lakes of Maine where wind chill comes into play and you are standing on solid ice, 8 inches thick, separating you from certain death underfoot. For several months I found myself out there nearly everyday meeting and photographing icefishing communities. It was a certain sense of isolation that attracted me to this community and, by association this harsh climate, as it was for these individuals who woke at dawn to sit and wait for their catch, it was the process that kept us warm and the mystery of what we could find that kept us coming out into that cold, admiring the psychological tundra in our backyard that seemed to transport us hundreds of miles away.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Penn Chan is a photographer and videoographer based out of Portland, Maine and holds a BA from Bard College and an MFA from the Yale School of Art. His work ranges from documentary and fine art photography with interests in self imposed isolation, technological mysticism and the Anthropocene.