Over The Streambed A Body Formed

From the Light Refracted in Waves (2018)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK In thinking about relating to images as objects, I wanted to bring the underlying structure creating surface forms into being. To look at the way we look upon, is how things are from within or under brings the meaning: a surface is not superficial but a visible form of what is. On an autumn day in Frysja, at the edge of Oslo's Akershelva river, I brought the surface of moving water into focus with a rangefinder camera. The bulging forms created by the current and underlying rocks reflected the surrounding colours. Abstraction and meditative space, within and reflected in the suspension of surfaces in time, the waters revealed the mutability of the essence of life, water, and the ways form comes into being.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Rachel Wolfe makes sensual, meditative, and immersive artworks. Since 1999, she worked in visual arts, and since childhood with voice and movement. Primordial poetics and nature's allegorical themes nurture an aesthetic of reverence for beauty. Recent work includes videography and interview for BBC News, multimedia installations of video, photography, sound for Oslo Art & Fashion Festiva. Wolfe holds a Master of Fine Art from Otis College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Art in Advertising with studies in Interior Design. She studied Social Psychology in Japan and lives in Norway since 2015.