Women on Sofas (2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK Women on Sofas was driven by a curiosity about the space a woman occupies in contemporary western society. The work explores how we experience ourselves in the domestic and public arenas, whilst celebrating our diversity and power in unexpected ways. It looks at the pride and pleasure we take in our strength and resilience, and in challenging society’s expectations of us. In spite of growing freedoms in many areas of society over the past century, the domestic sphere is still often seen as women’s terrain. It is a space into which we are welcomed. It has been interesting to observe this space, disrupt it and take it beyond its ‘natural’ limits, whilst exploring our emotional response to it. The women come from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures and span eight decades. They are mothers, daughters, friends, strangers, writers, artists, models, priests, students, business women, entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, doctors, scientists and technicians. Women on Sofas was the project that offered me the opportunity to celebrate these women, both ones I knew and ones I was yet to meet.

‘Women on Sofas’ says ‘I am in the world, I’ve made a surprising home here, and now I’d like to welcome you in.’

ABOUT THE ARTIST Ruby Steele is a London-based photographer. She graduated with a BA in Photography from London College of Communication in 2018. Since graduating she was awarded the Michael Wilson Photography Prize and shortlisted for the British Photography Portrait Awards. Her previous work ‘Divine Light’ was exhibited in GX Gallery, South London as well as The Millepiani Space Photography Show in Rome, Italy and sold at The Auction Collective, North London and The Boathouse Creative Studios, East London.