Cache (2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK Creating self-portraits has allowed me to place myself into varying characters I have seen others play out in my life. The last three years have been spent exploring and contemplating the roles of animals and the ways in which we interact and depend upon them. In both the past and the present, we see them as commodities, as sustenance, sources of entertainment, symbols of prosperity, and beacons of inspiration for science and knowledge. From the floor of a forest to the isles of an antique mall, I see my collections as a way of preserving these specimens to reflect on the varying ties I share with wildlife. These self-portraits are a part of a larger installation titled, Cache, which includes found objects from nature.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Sarah Stankey recently received an MFA in photography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a BFA in photography from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2013. Her studio practice includes photography, letterpress and research within zoology, limnology and geology. Her interest in the natural sciences and fine arts includes the history of museums, taxidermy and cabinets of curiosity. In addition to her fine art practice, Sarah enjoys working within museums and has spent time at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art the UW-Zoological Museum and the UW-Geology Museum.