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ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The day I chose to document the Extinction Rebellion protests in London my aim was to find a respectful point of view of the organisation’s aim and the actual events. There’s been consistent research behind the use of a modified camera and the full-colour infrared photos I captured aren’t a style exercise but a meaningful choice. Red is not only one of the XR’s colours. Red blood is the warning sign our body uses to visualise an issue and also an attention seeking colour in most cultures. So I chose to use red to show trees, rebels, police, commuters, food, objects all being affected by the same problem. That’s because infrared rays of light equally hit clothes, dyed hair, fabrics etc.. making them the same colour. If the aim of the Rebellion is to build self-awareness about the climate issue, these images are a metaphor for a bleeding planet.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born in Italy, he grew up focusing his interests in visual arts by accomplishing a BA in ”Modern Literature, Visual and Performing Arts” at Sapienza University of Rome and a Master’s Degree in Photography at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia. In 2011 he has been awarded by National Geographic Italy as winner of its Annual Contest and entitled as Leica Talent by Leica Camera Italy on the same year. His works have been exhibited and published internationally. Moved to London in 2013 he works as Photography Manager at Global and CEO at Phocus Collective.