Sidesyn  (2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK: There are few things in this world that are more frightening than the unknown. We especially notice this as children when normal things like trees and buildings are transformed into murky shapes as soon as it gets dark. We believe in extraterrestrial creatures, hear voices, and see things that are not there to cope with reality. We put this coping mechanism behind us as we grow older, but mental illness, intoxication and sleep deprivation can still provoke similar hallucinations. We trick the body to go into a panicked state, should we feel like we are being exposed to something "dangerous". This project therefore wants to explore the unpleasantness of everyday life. The works are initially recognizable, but the color palette and texture make the motifs unpleasant and the reality alienated. The intention of the project is to confuse the observer so that he or she experiences a feeling of discomfort. And is potentially forced to reflect upon themselves when looking at the works.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Sunniva Kristine Hestenes (1999) is from Oslo and is currently a 2-year student at Oslo Fotokunstskole. She has had the solo exhibition “Otium” at CYAN gallery in 2018. In addition, she has exhibited at four group exhibitions: Fotogalleriet - 2017 - “å stupe på grunt vann”, Isotop - 2018 - “Innbilling”, CYAN galleri - 2019 - “Røynd”, Oslo fotokunstskole - 2019 - “årsutstilling”. Hestenes was recently picked out as one of eight winners during the annual award ceremony for best portfolio by the magazine “Fotografi”, and she is currently working on a collaborative exhibition with Max Barel.