"Mursi People" (2018-2019)

ABOUT THE ARTWORK "Mursi People" is a series of photos that were taken during my visit to Ethiopia and are part of the album "Ethiopian tribes expedition" 2018. The Mursi tribe are an African tribe from the isolated Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia near the border with Sudan. Life for the Mursi is often arduous and sometimes dangerous. Living in one of the most isolated regions of Ethiopia, the Mursi tribe in the beautiful Omo Valley, are one of the most fascinating tribes in Africa. Although they have suffered in recent years from extreme drought, which has made herding and cultivation difficult, they still adhere to their traditional and unique culture. Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in the world where you can find life as it was thousands of years ago.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Not a professional freelance photographer, I define myself as a travel-documentary-art photographer. Almost 20 years now photography has been part of my life. My passion is catching street portraits and trying to figure out my object's character. Point of interest - traditions in primal and natural places like India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and more. I consider good photography to be much more that a snapshot or a memory, it is something that tells a story, strong enough to influence the world we live in and raise more awareness. Throughout the years my interviews and photographs have been published in many magazines and websites. Among recently won awards and competitions are: Xposure International Photography Competition 2019 Sharjah UAE 1st place Portrait and People, WORLD'S TOP 10 BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHERS 2019 – One eyeland, 2019 International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention, Fine Art Photography Awards - 2nd place Winner in People 2019, 35AWARDS 2018 – 1st place Great photographer in BLACK & WHITE, 35AWARDS -1st Award Winner 2018 in BLACK & WHITE, 13th World Championship for the FIAP Clubs – 1st place BGArt Photo Club, 2018 PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS at Fotoforum and Pro Photo Forum 1st place Travel Photography, ONE EYELAND AWARDS 2018 – Editorial Travel