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(2018 - 2019)


ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The Landmarks series is a conceptual documentation of architectural art objects on former mining dumps in the Ruhr area in Germany. The Ruhr area is one of the largest conurbations in Europe and has been significantly influenced by the development of industrialisation and mining in the last 200 years. In the Ruhr coal mining area, underground mining was carried out exclusively and inevitably with the coal extraction also largely unsaleable surrounding rock was mined. Most of this rock was dumped on artificial hills in the otherwise flat landscape. In total, the mining activities of the coal and steel industry in the Ruhr area have left behind more than 250 spoil heaps of slag and rubble, thus lastingly changing the region. Through renaturation and the erection of art installations, some of these heaps were converted into destinations for excursions. The vantage points represent the new Ruhr area, are very popular with visitors and have already been photographed a lot of times. This photo series is intended to provide a different, less familiar perspective on the locations. For this reason, the installations have been staged as mysterious objects in the landscape, empty of people and allowing different interpretations: Technoid sculptures, giant toys, architectural models or carefree points of longing in the man-made landscape.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born 1970 in Berlin (East). Self-taught photographer, since 2008 documentary long-term projects on the topics of built environment, urban landscapes and modern urban development. Awards:  //Nomination Art Award AOK Nordost 2020 // Longlist “Aesthetica Art Prize 2020” // Winner Architecture & Interiors “14th Pollux Award's Professional Section // Finalist Fine Art “Vision Excellence Awards 2019” // Nominee Landscape “International Photogrphay Grant 2019” //Nominee Architectural “14th Annual Black & White Spider Awards 2019” // Honorable Mention Architecture “International Photography Awards 2019” // Shortlist Free Choice / Conceptual „Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2019“ // Finalist Photolucida “Critical Mass 2019” & Shortlist GUP Puplication Award // Finalist 15th Schömberg Autumn Festival 2019 // Finalist Architecture One Eyeland “World’s Top 10 Black & White Photo Contest 2019 // Highly Recommended at European Architectural Photography Prize 2019 “Joyful Architecture” // Juror’s Selection at New York Center for Photographic Art “Black & White 2018”