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There's No Place Like House



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: "There's No Place Like House" is an exploration of the definition of "home." Some things are just houses, some things are temporary homes, some people in apartments are more of a home then any house, and sometimes when stability and comfort and belonging are nowhere in sight, theatre houses are the consistent touchstones where I can let my shoulders fall and my lungs expand. When I was a child, I was obsessed with "The Wizard of Oz;" watching the VHS until the film was worn out. Visiting all of these past ideas of home that I've lost, dressed as Dorothy, a young girl who goes on a marvelous adventure but is driven by her desire to go home, has been cathartic and painful; but necessary in processing the grief that comes with losing my childhood homes, and letting go of past trauma and heartbreak. Now, that inner child is following a yellow path of her own: the open road, in search of a new definition of home.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Taylor Bradley is a writer, photographer, and performer. She grew up in Los Angeles, but has recently found herself traveling around the world searching for home. She has produced five original plays including, "A Dead Rabbit," and "When the Lights Go Out," and is in the development stages for her sixth, "1976: A Motel." She has also published two books, "Side Effects," and "Withdrawals," and is now working on her third, "There's No Place Like House" which will be accompanied by this photo series. She is currently in New Orleans working The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, and will be moving to New York City in April.