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ABOUT THE ARTWORK: Midway is an autobiographic body of work, juxtaposing the death of my father with the birth of both my children. The future was forming, the present was deteriorating, and the past was struggling to survive. I took my camera to little-known town off Interstate 95 to portray a small, forgotten town in the middle of rural Georgia, a scenescape rich with Civil War and Civil Rights history, a deep Southern community with a fading story. The black and white images capture a history with sometimes-blurred sentiments of good and evil. The endangerment of the physical past likewise mirrors my own life perspective from a time where life confronted death. My subject, standing alone in vast spaces void of all identifiable factors, communicates the solitude of my contemplative state as this body took shape.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Tobia Makover is a full time artist and curator based out of Savannah, Georgia. Although a fine art photographer, she is best known for her mixed media, specifically her encaustic applications, as well as her installations.

I am Midway.
Where time stands still, if just for a moment.
Where black and white co-exist only in photograph.
I become the bridge spanning one generation to another.
I embrace the vast spaces stripped bare of time and place.
The fear of losing freedom gives way to a desire to be rooted.
Where white churches stand tall and historic relics crumble.
There lives both good and evil.
I will preserve it in wax.
I am Midway.