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Petőfi's Corpse



ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The series attempts to describe a Hungarian present whose post-socialist reality nourishes a new form of nationalism. This series combines documented and staged images, though it remains unclear how much manipulation took place in each picture. Part of the staging are paper-mâché objects, which represent communist-, as well as Hungarian national symbolism. The 1kg-loaf of bread is a reccuring element. It is a remnant of the socialist system, but also draws a parallel to the „body of christ“. Connected to the work‘s title it highlights Sándor Petőfi as a national „messiah“, whose death is just as unclear, as the evolution of Hungary‘s historical self image.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Tomoya Imamura (*1991 in Duisburg) is a Hungarian-Japanese photographer and designer from Germany. He graduated from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. His work combines a documentary approach with staged imagery, mostly around the topic of ideology and the right-wing movement in Europe.