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The Americans I Met (2019)


ABOUT THE ARTWORK: ‘The Americans I Met’ is a photographic and oral history project that collects portraits of, and conversations with, people photographer Viktor Hübner encountered during a series of hitchhiking trips across the United States. With only his camera, audio recorder, and a few provisions, he covered 41 states and over 16,000 miles over a period of two years. Throughout Viktor’s travels, he embraced chance encounters and relied, every day and every night, on the hospitality of the people he met. As a result, and because of his status as a foreigner, he became an eye-witness to the practical and spiritual lives of many Americans, and a bearer of many confidences. This project focuses on the people Viktor met on his travels, their words, their experiences, and, by extension, the ‘Trump era’ in which they live. Still an ongoing project, Viktor plans to complete this body of work in 2020.


ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Viktor Hübner, born in 1988 in Gummersbach, Germany, is based as an independent photographer in Nümbrecht, Germany. He is a graduate of University of Applied Sciences in Mainz (Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication) with his bachelor thesis „Das Leben ist für uns.“ (Life is for us.), based on a visit to the Kurdish PKK in Northern Iraq in 2016 during the war against ISIS. His documentary style unites a natural curiosity for other human beings, history of mankind and current affairs. He graduated in 2019 with an MFA in Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design with his master thesis “The Americans I Met”.